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Fair Trade for All is a proud member of Local First Milwaukee

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Did you know that for every $1 you spend at a locally owned business, more than 68¢, versus 43¢ spent at a national chain, remains in Milwaukee?  Local First Milwaukee is a business alliance that advocates for locally owned businesses that provide a genuine, quality experience - in celebration of our community's unique character. Find out if your favorite businesses are members, by visiting www.localfirstmilwaukee.com

Location and Hours
8730 W. North Avenue, Wauwatosa, WI 53226
(20 blocks East of Mayfair Mall and across from City Market)
Tel. (414) 257-1077(414) 257-1077
  Store Closing
It is with deepest and bittersweet gratitude that we share with you the news that during the past week, we have decided to close our retail store by the end of February.
Please join us in the celebration of a successful 8 years by enjoying our “retail store closing” sale – 50% off everything. See below for our shortened open hours this month. 
We are ever grateful for your support in a successful venture.  As most of you know we have worked tirelessly over the past 8 years to grow the fair trade movement in our area. Together with your support, we have all accomplished so much!

Thanks to you, we have…..
  • sold over a million dollars in fair trade products on behalf of our artisan partners in developing countries;
  • donated thousands of dollars through onsite fundraisers to local and overseas mission projects and the fight against human trafficking in Milwaukee;
  • launched a wholesale business that has helped sustain several small business owners and artisans in Thailand – an area that is plagued with human trafficking due to poverty;
  • delivered the fair trade message to thousands of shoppers in Mayfair Mall, Port Washington, Shorewood and neighboring communities through establishing pop-up shops and participating in festivals, events and collaborations;
  • hired and educated over 10 part-time employees who continue to share the fair trade story in their journeys;
  • received countless invitations through your connections to spread the fair trade message at area churches, colleges, schools, businesses and other organizations;
  • formed partnerships with local farms, helping them recruit CSA memberships and served as a drop off/pick-up location for two;
  • taken the lead in the Milwaukee Fair Trade Coalition and helped create, organize and lead the Milwaukee Fair Trade Crawl - a World Fair Trade Day event that has been used by several other cities in the nation;
  • served on the national Fair Trade Towns/Campaigns steering committee helping to lay the foundation and grow the national movement through cities, towns, schools and congregations;
  • grown the Local First Milwaukee movement through our involvement on the Local First board and through choosing local business partners;
Wow! What an impact we’ve made together during these past 8 years. We thank each and every one of you who has partnered with us to make our joint vision a reality.

What an honor to be a part of a Milwaukee legacy, working together with the most awesome people in our area to make the world a better place during this season of our lives! We have made wonderful friends with all of you in our community through this leg of our journey. We cannot thank you enough for your support.  

Our shortened hours for the month will be:
Wed. 2/11: 10am – 6pm
Thur., 2/12: 10am – 6pm
Fri., 2/13: 10am – 6pm
Sat., 2/14: 10am – 6pm
Sat., 2/21: 10am – 6pm
Sat., 2/28: 10am – 6pm

If you would like to connect with us, please do not hesitate to send us an email at .
Again, we truly thank you for your friendships, support and partnership. Together, we dare to change the world!!

Allen & Gail

Who We Are

  • Specialty Gift Store
  • Local, family owned & operated
  • Committed to providing high quality products and excellent customer service.
What we do

What We Do

  • We offer a variety of unique, fair trade and eco-friendly handicrafts
  • We support and encourage small-scale, independent artisans from developing countries and locally
  • No sweatshop, child labor or over priced goods allowed in our store.  

What You Will Find

  • Jewelry from Mexico & Thailand
  • Clothing from Peru & Nepal
  • Decors from Kenya & Ecuador
  • Unique handicrafts from around the corners of the world.

See for yourself

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About Us - Fair Trade for All
About Fair Trade for All

We are a family-owned, specialty shop featuring unique gifts, clothing, jewelry, home décor, coffee, chocolate and more from over 40 developing countries. We aim to advocate for amazingly talented artisans who aren’t in the position to advocate on their own behalf. The items in our shop are beautiful and all handcrafted by small producer groups or individual artisans who are paid a living wage for their labor under safe working conditions. This living wage allows them to meet basic needs such as clean water, education, medical care, etc. Fair trade also helps defeat the problems of human trafficking, forced child labor, slavery and illegal immigration. We believe that if we change the way we make our purchases, we can help make the world a better place!

Where do our products come from?

We purchase most of the products you see in our shop and website from members of the Fair Trade Federation. Look for this logo on the tags you see in our shop. We choose to support local and regional fair trade vendors first! The items you see in our shop that come from Ecuador, Peru, Columbia, Bolivia, Mexico, Nepal, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Uganda have been purchased from our vendor friends that live in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois but work with artisans in those countries. We maintain long term, trusting relationships with these vendors so that they can do the same with the artisan groups in those countries. 

We partner with several non-profit fair trade organizations as well. The largest of these include SERRV and Ten Thousand Villages, both of whom have been in existence since the 1940s and work with hundreds of artisan groups around the world. We also support smaller non-profit groups and church organizations in order to create a marketplace for the items that result from their missions as well.

To learn more about fair trade, visit our website at www.fairtradeforall.net or sign up for one of our “Fair Trade 101” Store tours at either location. 

What kind of products and gifts can you find in our shop?

Our line of products includes clothing for men, women and children, clothing accessories, silver jewelry, eco-friendly jewelry, fashion jewelry, hats, hand bags, purses, ethinic musical instruments, home decor, sculptures, christmas ornaments, nativities, holiday decorations, textiles, games, puzzles, toys, organic coffee, chocolate, tea and snacks, and many more.      

Our story:

Allen Christian, from North Africa and Gail Bennett met while living in Asia in the 1990s. Before they met, Allen had the “opportunity” to work in a sweat factory during some tough times while living abroad. These experiences were shocking to him. As he became interested in the situations of others around the world, he learned of many people who were unable to support themselves due to religious and other forms of persecution. Having read a passage in Isaiah 58, he felt a burden to do something to help the poor. He wanted to start a business where he could help people learn to support themselves through a trade. Allen, Gail & their son Yacob moved back to Milwaukee and Allen learned about the fair trade movement from Gail’s mom, Alice Foley, a long-time peace activist. He felt that starting a fair trade business could be his mission! We opened our shop in 2007 and have had a life-changing experience rubbing shoulders with people doing amazing things to bring about positive change in the world. We hope that our shop inspires you and we can all work together to make the world a safe and fair place for everyone!
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